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Athens Free Tour is the original and the best free orientation of the historical centre. We present a fascinating adventure through our city's amazing past, the birthplace of western civilization will come alive in an entertaining mixture of myths, facts, and hidden treasures. Our highly recommended free walking tour will give you the true experience of our great city! We provide separately, English and Spanish language and meet daily at Hadrian's Arch.

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Athens Free Tour Schedule

09:45am (All Year)
2:00pm (1st Nov - 31st Mar)
5:00pm (1st April - 20th Oct)
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

You wil receive an instant automated confirmation from us. If you miss your tour, it is not necessary to rebook, your reservation is valid for 2 days, at any of our tour times. Last minute bookings are welcome.


  • How Can a Free Tour be the Best in Athens? So how can we deliver a tour without charging money? Passionate & professional Local Experts deliver a top quality tour for voluntary donations only. This is the incentive (without pressure) to deliver an excellent tour experience, you remain in total control of what it's worth, a win for both you and the Athens Free Tour Experts.
  • Our Tour is not a History Lesson...
    It is an emotional experience! We won’t bother you with tons of dates and names, but rather share urban legends, interesting stories, and funny anecdotes, these are the memories that you will remember and share back home.
  • Social Cooperative Initiative...
    Organized by a team that love travel and meeting new people. We have come together to share our vast experience in tourism in greece with guests from all over the world. We want to be clear, we are not licenced guides, it means we cannot enter any archaeological sites. If you wish to have a paid private tour with a licenced guide we are happy to make this arrangement for you. Our tour is simply an ideal head start, an excellent orientation that will give you the knowledge and confidence to continue perfectly exploring the city.