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Manageable Group Sizes

We believe that each and everyone of our guests shall enjoy a unique experience when exploring Athens with us. Taking time, we like to get to know the people walking with us and share insights about getting the most of the greek capital. Proud Ambassadors of our city’s history and culture we abide by the ancient greek tradition of philoxenia: a cultural law calling for generosity and courtesy to strangers. Translated as “a friend to a stranger” or “hospitality”, philoxenia was so crucial to the Ancient Greeks that it was Zeus himself, the most important of the Greek gods that was the protector of travelers and foreigners. 
Today, seeking to continue these traditions we try to adjust our group sizes, accordingly, offering all travelers joining us an all inclusive Athenian experience. Manageable groups mean more time to answer each one’s questions, offer suggestions according to their taste and schedule and more interaction among participants. Whether you are looking for a modern shopping street or an ancient agora, a lively square or a tranquil garden, an underground club or a rooftop cinema our team is here to make sure that you get the most of what our city has to offer.