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Syntagma Square

As we leave the tranquility of the National Gardens and the Gardens of Zappeion, we make our way to Syntagma Square, the main square of the city of Athens. Koulouri vendors, yellow taxis, busy streets and laden kiosks constitute the image of a moving and active metropolis. In proximity one can see Lykabetus Hill, the highest viewpoint in the center of the city. Visitors that make their way up to St George’s Church get to enjoy some of the most magnificent views in Athens. Around the square we spot historical buildings as the luxurious hotel of Grande Bretagne and the Ministry of Economics and Finance; yet there is one building one may not miss and that is the Greek House of Parliament. 
Built initially as the Residence of the Greek Monarchs, today housing the Parliament, this building always played a major role in the political life of our country. Syntagma square actually was named as such -Constitution Square- to commemorate the night of 3rd September 1843 when the Athenians gathered in front of their king’s palace, asking him for a Constitution. Right beneath we spot he Monument of the Unknown Soldier; let’s go and have a closer look.